Shannon Maria


The narrative descend | Charles Correa

Interpreting and understanding the architectural attitudes of Charles Correa, the design focusses on ecologically revitalization the abandoned mines of Ambaji. A narrative sequence of descend is  portrayed to metaphorically represent the building as a "mine of knowledge". The sense of wonder to finally approach to an unobstructed view of the lake and in turn commemorate the place as a communal gathering of togetherness and public gardens is also a key idea in the project.

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Report Content

Architect and his Portrait

Cube - Interpretation of architectural attitudes of Physical and Ephemeral Substances

Maze - Interpretation of architectural attitudes of Organisational Devices

Trophy - Interpretation of architectural attitudes of Making and Detailing

Concept, Site, Massing

Plan representing the narrative sequence of courtyards

Additional Plans and Sections


Sectional Perspective