Pancholi Saatvika Satyanarayan


Form Based Approach For Thrissur

Preserving the 'sense of place' through urban regeneration :The project is based in Thrissur, Kerala, which focuses on the understanding of the city, its history, evolution, settlement pattern, cultural assets and intangible heritage that defines the 'uniqueness' of Thrissur. The study identifies the major aspects which are to be conserved to preserve its 'uniqueness' that determines its significance and sense of place. The current approach towards the development of the city has been questioned and analyzed through three sites relating with identified aspects. The proposal is based on the form based codes which could be a way forward for Thrissur.  

Report Content


Historical Timeline

Evolution of Thrissur

Identification of Aspects

Intangible heritage

Site -1 High road market street

Site - 2 Pazhevnadakkavu

Site - 3 Temple Ecosystems