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Lakshmi R


Madurai - Regeneration through sacred identity

Historic cities over the time have been evolving and it puts further developmental pressures on them. At times the solutions for these pressures prove to be threatening. In such cases how do we uphold the image of the city? What puts the image of the city under threat? And how does it impact its identity?
Identity as a tool! 
The study focuses on Madurai’s historic zone -1 demarcated under the City Heritage Developmental Plan 2008. Reading the place’s history along with site observations and existing proposals revealed a gap in recognition of some of the identified assets while two of the proposals pose a major threat to the image of the city on which beholds the city’s significance. As a response to the issues identified, the eastern axis of the city was analyzed. Elements of sacredness composing of tangible and intangible elements were formulated which could serve as codes in any decision-making process. Further, these codes have been applied in the chosen area of study, broadly categorized into policy level suggestions and interventions.   

Report Content

Site Context and Image of the City

Historical Timeline and Evolution of the city

Cultural Mapping

Cultural Mapping, Significance and Area of Study

Sacred buildings and associations, Sensory mapping, Analysis- Sacred and Profane

Analysis- Sacred and Profane

Elements of sacredness, Site Conditions and Reviewing Smart City Proposal

Developing the Proposal, Conceptual Proposal

Proposal- Part I and II

Way forward and References