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Dhrishya V


Reviving the Flavor trail of Mattancherry,Kochi

The study focuses on reviving the major flavor trail of the historic town of Mattancherry in the Kochi region of Kerala. The birth and growth of Kochi city and in turn the town of Mattancherry revolved around the aspect of trade. And thus further led to being one of the significant cultural mosaics of Kerala incorporating more than 14 different culturally diverse communities in the region, which is still evident today. Therefore the significance and the need to conserve the town is observed and analysed through its historic timeline, succession maps and various cultural assets associated with the town of Mattancherry. Based on the derived significance one among the major priority area is identified and its relationship and importance with the overall city is established and studied in depth. Along with establishing the significance, the current urban transformations and conditions along with the problems leading to them of the priority area is analysed further which are then translated into strategies for the conservation proposal for the area. Structure plans and major principles are listed down along with detailed ideas for two major concepts discussed in the proposal of the area. “It is the balance between development and heritage that needs to found and worked further on for these historic towns. The future can be based on two concepts: past being the point of continuity or past being the point of departure.” 

Report Content

Introduction, Muziris and Spice trade routes

Historic Timeline

Succession Maps

Cultural mapping and Significance Assessment- Historic town of Mattancherry

Priority area identification and cultural mapping of bazaar road

Go downs of Bazaar road and Significance assessment-Bazaar road

Current Conditions on site-Issues (Bazaar road)

Current conditions- Opportunities(Bazaar road)

Strategy Diagrams-Proposal