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Uravi Dilip Dholaria


Urban Regeneration of Belapur Fort & Kille Gaothan

Connecting concepts of the 'coastal and historic urban landscape' through 'Heritage Interpretation': Case of Belapur Fort and Kille Gaothan. The study focuses on understanding and analyzing the site, its interactions with coastal landscapes, historical associations, transformation, and site conditions to recognize the significance of the site at three different levels: Regional-level (coastal fort system as a layer of defense in Mumbai Metropolitan Region), Context-level (surrounded by coastal landscapes of Panvel creek, holding ponds, mangroves, and wetlands attracting migratory birds), Site-level (fort and gaothan). Following the constructivist approach for urban regeneration, the proposal includes 'Heritage Interpretation Strategies' to ensure a better understanding of a heritage site with an aim to conserve and enhance the natural and built heritage.

Report Content

-- Introduction & Historical Timeline --

-- Fort Association: Macro Scale --

-- Fortification Elements --

-- Mapping the Transformation: Macro & Micro Scale --

-- Analysis --

-- Significance & Present Condition --

-- Approach --

-- Proposal: Regional & Context Level --

-- Proposal: Site Level --

-- Interpretation tool --