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P K Sudarshan


Center for Abandoned Quotidian_ Escape of the Ordinary

 Escapade: to escape, an act involving some excitement, because it is different from usual or expected behavior. Ordinary: not different or special or unexpected in any way, usual. 
The absence of heritage and interesting history makes the place not so curious but can be worked upon to excavate the narration of the common. This space is a peek into the ordinary life of the Heritage city of Mysore. The intent here is to excavate and create a perspective of the ordinary on an extraordinary narrative of the heritage of Mysore until the kingdom joined the dominion of India. Space offers to rethink the importance of a common building as this has in the past and the relationship that exists and that of existing. Today’s intervention can highlight and add more value to “the less valued” of the past. To interpret the physical spaces with the qualities recognized to create an experience of something different because the ordinary of the past is no more the ordinary of the present. This abandoned structure is a story of a perspective that nobody is or was interested in. This project wants to capture the attention to hear the story of the ordinary.For the narrative please watch the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj5hsRdI5Js

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