Patel Manali Manesh Smita


Including the Excluded

Abandoned buildings have great scope for adaptive reuse to create active engagement of people with urban life, it also adds value to the urban experiences. Such derelict structure helps architects to use the richness of the old, and weave in new technologies and aesthetic elements. The neighborhoods are the places we live, work and recreate - but they are also living maps of the past, present and even future uses of the layout. In an era of teardowns and gentrification we are dedicated to repurposing and transforming the urban fabric to accommodate new uses, reconnect people with nature, support local business and provide unique spaces for people in need. They fall short of such spaces which can provide them some degree of security. ‘The Excluded’ here refers to the abandoning of the structure as well as the present conditions of the struggling migrants who lack upliftment opportunities of their small business. The intent is to ‘Include’ such migrants by generating architectural spatial experiences. The approach is to create and open a welcoming building, lowering the threshold to enhance the involvement and engagement. Thus, evoking certain emotions with relation to the workspace through the path of struggle helps to develop the narrative for the imagination of the future.  

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