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Mahanti Sasidhar


Multi-Functional Public Space | Responsive Architecture

The space for the Multi-Functional Public Space is to support the different types of industrial growth in the area. Along with the utilization of a bridge and enhance the experience of its surroundings. My Intent for intervention is not to use methods of conservation and reusing techniques on the bridge. The intervention will be an addition to the bridge along with the existing bridge. "In many ways, water and time are similar, the only difference I found is one can be seen and the other can’t. The bridge is the physical object and the experience of visitors are unseen elements like time."

Report Content

Story Begins | Once upon a Time


Case Study

Narrative Arc

Intervention | Relation of Bridge, Water & Time

Intervention | Different Experiences with Water

Intervention | Relation of Water & Urbanites

Intervention | Relation of Water & Bridge

Intervention | Experiencing in lost of time

Narrative | The End