Tapiawala Aayushi Ashish Ketal


Tale of Bombay Talkies

Abandoned spaces are like fractures in the city which are frozen in time. It makes us question the past that might have occurred and future that could have occurred. Films are two dimensional visuals with an illusion of third dimension where viewer feels transported to another time and space while watching it. They stimulate experience to communicate feelings, stories, perception through recorded imagery and sound. Bombay Talkies being the oldest studio of Indian Cinema holds special memory upon remembering the journey of Bollywood. The structure which once housed in creating numerous experiences and memories on screens is now left abandoned.  

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Report Content

Exploration of Abandoned Spaces ; Introduction to the site

Development of the storyboard ; Existing site context

Mapping and Analyzing Site

Reminiscing History

Journey through Lens

Journey through Lens - Interior

Journey through Lens

Journey through Lens

Journey through Lens


Project Video