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Yamini Manjunath


Wormhole-A Fable around the Abandoned Aquarium

In fable, Auro and Vini arrive at the abandoned aquarium building, they go through the various thresholds that allow them to pass through the different timelines of the place, as if passing through a time-tunnel , a wormhole!! This brings in the storyline- Auro and Vini explore the abandoned aquarium building, its dark, narrow alleys/ corridors- an embodiment of the cage that this was whilst it was an Aviary and an Aquarium. Perhaps, the last threshold, they pass through might lead them to a less opaque, more transparent building, and hence a less transparent relationship between humans and their environment!!

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Report Content

Narratives Around Abandonment

Story-I-Around the City

Mapping the Aquarium

The Underlying Flow of the Story

Tools for Intervention

Story-II-At Lalbagh

Story-III-At the Aquarium-Anti-climax

Story-III-At the Aquarium-Twist!

Story-III-At the Aquarium-Climax

Story-III-At the Aquarium- The Future

Project Video