Riona Chintan Shah


Kinetic Walls

'Kinetic Walls' is a changed perception of how we look at the walls. Blurring the boundaries between architecture and mechanics, it is a kinetic structure that completely transforms a space. Through a simple motion of push and pull, the adjoining wall goes from parallel to perpendicular, therefore opening/closing up the space.It evolved from a toy duck, where the linear motion generates rotational movement. Through exaggeration and repetition of this movement, this structure located at the Sabarmati Ashram, came about. It faces Hriday Kunj when closed and river when the walls open up, hence completely changing the spatial experience. 

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Report Content

Process Sheet 1: Music Space and Act of Play

Process Sheet 2: Opening the Wall

Process Sheet 3: Opening the Cube

Mechanism and Details

Plan and Section AA'

Section BB', Roof Plan and Dimension Plan

Wall Section

Exploded Isometric of the Structure

Rendered Views in Open and Closed Conditions

Rendered View of 'Kinetic Walls'

Project Video