Pavneet Kalra


Ahmedabad Theatre

Ahmedabad Theatre is a re-imagination of Visp Theatre (Switzerland) by Herzog and De Meuron in Ahmedabad's context. The project tries to create a paradox on the site (a major attribute of the architects). On one hand, it merges with the site by continuing its transitional character whereas, on the other hand, the flat 30x30m suspended core in the center stands out in the context. It aims for not being a strict built-form on the riverfront and becomes more of public space, having a continuous dialogue with the site. Open theatre and plaza spaces form the underground space whereas a cantilevered structure forms the community center.

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Case Study: Chamanga Cultural Centre

Architect, Project and Site Study

Concept and Process

Site Plan


Sections and Elevations

Wall Sections

Sectional Axonometric and Exploded Systemic Axonometric