Tamanna Tofik Vakil


Ahmedabad Theatre

An unbuilt theatre and community centre project by Herzog and De Meuron has been translocated to Ahmedabad from Switzerland. The institution aims to bring people together and welcomes everyone openly.  Considering the architect's initial intentions, their philosophies and their architectural attitudes, the institution tries to merge with the existing site by letting people in yet stand out boldly in the surroundings, thus creating a paradox. The paradox, an essential feature used by the architects has been exaggerated by two using different structural systems and the way the facades are treated for both: the envelop and the core.

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Report Content

Case Study- Guesthouse, Brazil

Analysis of the architect, his philosophies, architectural attitudes and study of the given project

Site study and concept behind translocating the project to a new site






Wall Sections, Systemic Exploded Axonometric and Sectional Axonometric