Chhatrola Vivek Baldevbhai


Museum for Conflicts

In a city like Ahmedabad where ‘Brick’ & ‘Concrete’ is the most usable materials, the Topography of terror is re-established at Ahmedabad with 'Brick' and concrete which is the most used materials in Ahmedabad. The inner shell of strong programmatic spaces is expressed by a heavy brick structure, whereas the outer shell is made of steel structure and flex brick fixed louvres that express light covering shell. The direction of louvres creates a play of light and shadow during the day and it gives inside-outside visual transparency. A circulation space gives a connector space where one can be a part of the outside and core programmatic space at the same time.

Report Content

Deconstructing the making and Reading the architectonics

Architect Study

Project and Site Study


Structure And Material

Site Plan, Ground Floor Plan and Section

First Floor Plan and Section

Roof Floor Plan, Cross Sections and Sectional Axonometric

Wall Sections

Rendered Views