Abhilasha Sanjaybhai Chauhan


Museum of Conflict

The Studio gives the understanding of the materials and the structural system within the poetic quality of the Architectural Expressions.The study of the unbuilt project Topography of Terror by the Architect Peter Zumthor has done with the understanding of  Architectural Attributes, Structural systems, Materials, and design process of the project. then this project translocated near Makarba Tank, SG Highway Ahmedabad.  The program of the Topography of Terror was reinterpreted to a museum of conflict. The design also reinterprets Zumthor's idea and the concepts with the climate and the context of the site at Ahemdabad.

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Report Content

Deconstructing the making and Reading the Architectonics

Architect, project and site study

Interpretation of project and design development

Site plan

Ground floor Plan & Section EE

First floor plan & Second floor plan

Sections and Elevations

wall sections

Sectional Axonometric and Systemic Exploded Axonometric