Riya Kohli


Museum of Conflict

On relocating the Topography of Terror (originally proposed in Berlin by Peter Zumthor) to Ahmedabad, the functions were changed according to the Indian context. The new museum focused on the documentation of the Gujarat riots. The idea was to identify the key features of the given project and redesign it without compromising on the initial ideas of the architect. Features like the rectilinear plan, interplay of light and shadow, transparency, and precast structure were thus retained. Changes were made to emphasize the monumentality, scale, and experience of the structure.

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Report Content

Exercise 1: Deconstructing the structure of Casa Barra

Exercise 1: Understanding the architectural expression of the Casa Barra

Exercise 2: Brief study of Peter Zumthor

Exercise 2: Study of Topography of Terror

Exercise 2: Study of the relocated site in Ahemdabad

Final Drawings: Site Plan

Final Drawings: Plans, Sections and Elevations

Final Drawings: Wall Sections

Final Drawings: Sectional Axonometrics and spot details

Final Drawings: Systematic Axonometric and 3D rendered views