Kholia Tithi


Training Center for Sustainibility

Staying true to the philosophies and architectural attitudes of the unbuilt project by Anna Heringer, the site is translocated from Marrakesh, Morocco to Ahmedabad, India. The Training Center for Sustainability aims at broadening one’s knowledge about sustainability amongst design students, professionals, construction workers and the people in general . It provides a platform for learning as well research in this area of study. It shows how traditional materials combined with modern technology and efficient use of industrial material can not only make the building modern but also less harmful for the environment. 

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Report Content

Case Study- House on 12 Legs

Understanding and Analyzing Philosophies and Architectural Attitudes of Anna Heringer

Understanding the concept of the unbuilt project by Anna Heringer and analyzing the two sites

Concept and Process after translocating the site to Ahmedabad

Site Plan

Ground Floor Plan and First Floor Plan

Sections and Elevations

Structural Exploded Axonometric

Wall Sections and Sectional Axonometric

3D Rendered Views of the building