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Protyoy Sen


Training Centre for Sustainability, Ahmedabad

Keeping in mind the philosophies of Anna Heringer, a vocational training institution is trans-located from Marrakesh, Morocco to Ahmedabad, India. The institution aims to promote sustainable construction techniques through training and research amongst  construction workers, students, design and engineering professionals, etc. At the same time, being an epitome of sustainability and climate response, the building was designed with natural, readily available resources having lowest entropy. Moreover, the local communities and their know-how is incorporated into the construction process, thus creating an architecture with a strong cultural identity.  

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Report Content

Case Study - L'Architecture est Dans le Pre

Analysis and adaptation of the architect's ideologies and the project; Appropriate concept development

Site Plan

Level Plans

Sections and Elevations

Structural Axonometric (Exploded)

Wall Sections

Sectional Axo - Frame Structure

Sectional Axo - Load Bearing Structure

Rendered Axonometric and Spatial Views