Faculty: Gauri Bharat | Catherine Desai

TA: Akshita Raina

Studio 2 - Theorizing Architectural Production

The studio will examine the relationship between construction practices and the materiality of architectural works in different cities of India between the 1930 – 1970s. The students will explore the relationship between the conceptualising of an architectural work and its making, and the various influences that shaped architectural production in that period.
We will begin a detailed study of the construction of individual buildings represented using wall sections. Each building will be read as a primary historical resource and will be studied as a physical object. Construction processes will be traced through archival drawings where available, from interviews with selected practitioners, and through careful extrapolation of contemporary processes that have clear continuity with the past. The aim of this process will be to investigate the relationships between the construction processes and material qualities of a building. This process could be seen as analogous to that of understanding the qualities of a literary work through the identification and consideration of the specific structures of its language.

Studio Unit

Excerpts from catalogues and building biographies

Excerpt from building biography: KMPM School Chinmay Gheware

Excerpt from architectural catalogue: Intersection of technology, agency and climate in the architectural production of Jamshedpur M Mallika

Decoding building through drawing: Keenan Stadium Yakin Kinger