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Maitri Thorat


RAAG - Performance space for Indian classical music

The site is situated in an advantageous location which allows for creation of dialogue between the old and the new i.e. the heritage structure and the new intervention where both can co-exist and complement each other. Sarkhej is well known for its associations with Sufi music and hence the performance space will primarily cater to Classical music, further becoming an anchor to the roots and culture of the context it is situated in. The design also intends to be flexible and adaptable by allowing for various other types of performances to take place creating a mixed use performance space. It also includes a music learning centre which allows the locals to directly engage with music rather than just being a part of the audience. The intervention would also serve as an urban catalyst by being a public space that fosters interaction and participation throughout the day. Being a mixed use space, the various programs would function independently and yet be interconnected with the performance space. The edge of the lake can also be developed, activated and merged with the new intervention such as use of the steps around the Sarkhej pond as platforms for social interaction amidst abundant green spaces.

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