Brahmbhatt Anokhi Dharmeshkumar


Urban Insert

The site is located on North- east side of Ahmedabad at Narayan ghat , River front. The urban fabric is yet to be developed further. The aim of the project is not to compete with the major public space which River front park but to Activate the spot more . Earlier the site used to be a community center and used to cater various communal activities and gatherings , for now it's totally abandoned from past 10 years. So the primary concern is to have a Public space allowing much larger space than auditorium( or performance space ) The site needs to be redeveloped as more inclusive public space with better connectivity with it's respective context especially river front park which can enhance the publicness of the river front area. The intervention will act as a multipurpose - Flexible contemporary venue. A place for exposure to the different types of performance. Contrasting nature of the building to breaking the stereotypes of Institutional building. Orientation of main built structure will be towards the river side (west )and public space on the back side (shaded area )so that the usability can be improved 

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