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Gupte Prajit Abhijit


Interlace: Interweaving tangible and Intangible

In affordable housing projects, high density community living, there is always vast focus on creating community driven spaces, interventions for community and hence the actual buildable units suffer in terms of quality, ventilation and most important thermal comfort. In Amravati, where the climate is hot and dry with humidity going as low as 28% in peak summer community spaces made with an intention to gather people just become open plots, due to heat. The attempt is to create a balance between the thermal comfort (Tangible aspects) right from smallest scale by interweaving socio-cultural aspects (Intangible aspects) in the project.   

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Report Content

Getting familiar with the site

Observations | Vision

Different types of units catering to different types of scale of families

Combining units to form two main configurations

Main Cluster

Main cluster

Commercial Cluster

Site Planning

System: Building Elements

System: Urban Structure