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Arkajyoti Pradhan


Housing and the Public Realm - a Mutual Dependence

The project undertakes the task of providing a refined co-existence between residential zones and public spaces in the dense urban grain of Ahmadabad, Gujarat. A dense/ compact site with a higher floor space index requirement provides challenges for a designer in various aspects ranging from views and ventilation to safety and security. The task lies in the identification of the scale of each of these parameters and elect where to rank them in terms of importance. These factors and their standing with various stakeholders govern the efficiency of a design and ultimately lead to the success of a project.

Report Content

Conceptual Drawings, Zoning and Massing

1. Master plan 2. View of site (from NW)

1. Site Plan Details 2. View of site (from NE)

Residential Floor Plans 1

Residential Floor Plans 2


1. Clubhouse view 1 ( inside podium ) 2. Clubhouse view 2 ( from lawn )

1. Gate complex view 2. Sectional view of retail spaces (E facing)

1. Retail space (E facing) 2. Retail spaces (W and N facing )

Efficacy Chart