Pavithra S Kalyani


Rethinking Spaces

The main idea behind the design proposal is to upcycle the discarded shipping containers. The space which we design, designs us back in future. The idea of upcycling materials is not because we cannot afford it, but it plays a very huge role in the environment. These containers which are built with corrosion resistant steel have absolutely no adverse effect in the environment and it is also very pleasing aesthetically.The aim was to propose a sustainable design which breaks conventional boundaries. The discarded shipping containers was a proper replacement to conventional RCC structure because of its modular nature and economic feasibility. The form was developed to stand out in terms of its positioning and to break the rigidity of usual concrete structures.

Report Content


Concept: reusing discarded shipping containers

Design Intention & unit formation

Unit design

Plan at each level of the module

Unit Formation

Evolution of the form & view

Floor Plans & View

Typical Floor plan, section & view

Activating the rooftop