Zala Harsh Natubhai



The project focuses on the exploration of material bamboo. Also detailing the joineries of the 3 different elements. As the title say ILLUMINATION which means light as concept of the project is to have a major play of light and shadow in the space. Exploration of bamboo is in terms of joineries and also use of bamboo in different ways. The 3 elements door, window and staircase is designed in way that it follow the same design language throughout the space.

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Report Content

Understanding of material through joineries

Understanding the design concept of doors

Proposed door: Understanding the concept of cept doors and reflecting in the design

Understanding the concept of windows

Proposed window: Taking the proportion of door and reflecting it in the window

Understanding the design concept of stairs

Idea was to have a same language of design so the bracing of stairs is taken from the proposed window

Site analysis and concept: Concept was major play of light and shadow in the space

Display element: Concept was design a element which can assembled easily and can also get dismantle easily

3D Renders of the exhibition gallery

Project Video