Jagad Nishi Naresh



The project focuses on exploring the material in as many forms as possible. The art gallery is designed in such a way that all the three elements i.e. the proposed door, window, and the staircase has different forms but with similarities within the space and each element. The proposed door and window here are derived with the ridge and valley concept which also leads to kinetic properties of the structure. The elements depict different properties in plans, sections, and elevations. The Display element is the combination of all the three elements of the space. 

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Report Content

Prototypes of joineries were made according to the material.

Documentation of doors was done in order to understand the detailing and material aesthetics of the doors.

Door was designed keeping in mind the proportions of CEPT door and the concept of Triangulation.

Windows were documented to understand the design ideation and detailing for the same.

Window for the space was designed by keeping in mind the proportions and the concept of the door.

Documentation of staircase was done to understand the role of the elements according to the material.

The idea of the staircase was derived from the natural element which further derives the curves of the space.

Site analysis was done to understand the site and conceptualise the same. The display element was documented to understand the minimalism of it.

The Exhibition element was designed in such a way that the element has a simple sleek rod structure which doesn't over power the elements within the element.

3D Renders of the interior and exterior space.

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