Faculty: Samir bhagvatlal Bhatt | Anuj Anjaria | Sagar Modh

TA: Prachi Nagar | Harshang Kale

Simple Building Products

To redesign the existing Product with different forms and given parameters of materials, structure, and technology.
To observe, analyze, and investigate different aspects related to materials, structure, and technology of existing products.

Studio Objective :
To explore, imagine, and visualize simple products for built spaces and its functioning to arrive at the need-based functional products which facilitate the user and their needs.

Approach to achieve the learning Objective:
Identify the design opportunity to develop a new product or redesign the existing product to improve its function, design, aesthetics, and expectations of the user.
Students will be introduced to use product design considerations to be able to apply them while designing the products.
Explore the potential of design with the elements of form, design process, ergonomics, basic materials, design, and manufacturing technology, color, and its use.
The design and detail development be able to translate the idea into a tangible product a prototype and manufacture them.
The aspects of the product, product graphics, packaging, and user expectation with market feedback.
A major focus during the project will be on form, aesthetics, form development with ergonomics