Pranjal Ashish Patel


Legal Hive- Law firm

The project aims at designing two 250 sq.m office branches for a lawyer in a post-COVID situation. The office is designed to be sophisticated and professional and yet is flexible and comfortable with Activity Based working spaces and an essence of Biophilic Design. This is done to break the stereotype of dark interiors, which makes the space less productive and heavy for the employees working long hours. Visual interaction and collaboration are inculcated with modular furniture and switchable glass partitions, keeping in mind the safety and precautions needed. Click here to view the full portfolio booklet.

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Report Content

Case Study- PDC Architects

Company Logo, Organisational Structure, Concept narrated through Moodboard and Collages.

Site Analysis- Privilon, Ahmedabad (Site 1)

Plan and Rendered Sectional Perspectives (Site-1)

3D Rendered Views (Site 1)

Rendered Plan and Design Attributes (Site 2)

Interior Elements- Colour Palette, Material Palette, Furniture Catalogue

3D Rendered Views (Site 2)

Glass Partition Detail- Main Element in the design which converts Open plan working space to traditional office space (Site 2)

Pre|Post COVID comparison

Project Video