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NEBULA : Cloud Computing Solutions Pvt Ltd

"NEBULA" is a cloud computing service provider. The word Nebula means celestial cloud. The design concept  corresponds to the young, creative individual. The Pandemic has reshaped our lives and the way we occupy and interact with spaces. Offices are no longer mundane workspaces, there is a realization for the need of collaborative, encouraging and inspiring environments.  This project aims to draw upon these reflections by the creating fluent, conversive and stimulating spaces.  Two sites in two different cities have been covered to depict the application of the same design language in different contexts. For Full Portfolio

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Case Study, Company Development and Space Visualization

Site 1: Signature Tower | Case Study

Site 1: Signature Tower | Layout Plan and Analysis

Site 1: Signature Tower | Sectional Perspectives

Site 1: Signature Tower | 3D Views

Site 2: Mondeal Heights | Case Study

Site 2: Mondeal Heights | Layout Plan and Analysis

Site 2: Mondeal Heights | Sectional Perspectives

Site 2: Mondeal Heights | 3D Views

Site 2: Mondeal Heights | Staircase Detail Sheet

Project Video