Mistry Pari Vikrambhai


Studio 7 Petals: architect's office

Total built area: 290sqm
Studio focuses on post covid office design. When it comes to the space The space has to be such that one enters and feels peaceful. Here, I came up with the idea of using shuttle and cool colour pallet with the touch of biophilic design. Lotus as a logo because it symbolises rebirth, 'Unique solution with every design'. Office with 15 staff members and design divides each space that the staff or client will not get disturbed. Minimum use of partition for interactive space with colour pallet of Lotus and surroundings. For full portfolio click on https://issuu.com/parimistry/docs/studio_7_petals

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Case study: Takshashila Elegna, Ahmedabad

Logo development, Concept, Hierarchy and moodboards

Site 1: Privilon, A'bad. Proposed plan for site 1

Site 1: Sectional perspectives

Site 1: views

Site 2: Plan and Sectional perspectives

Site 2: views

Details: Reception desk and partition

Pre covid and post covid space planning comparison

Project Video