Jain Mehal Lalit



Hotels have always been a place of attraction for tourists and visitors. Hotels, apart from a place of halt, also help in knowing their host city/state better. Following this same line of thought, a hotel is conceptualised and contextualised in the city of Gangtok, Sikkim.  The Kanchenjunga mountains are a timeless and precious gift to the state of Sikkim. The hotel is intended to resemble a similar timeless character like the Kanchenjunga range and the numerous age-old Buddhist monasteries nearby. Modularity is used as a means to express this character. The presence of the module is felt in all the three axes and all major design decisions - the materiality, the space planning, the furniture selection, etc.  This project is hence, an attempt to give a “TIMELESS” character to the building using “MODULARITY”, while keeping it connected to the “CONTEXT”.

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Room - Plan and Elevations

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Reception - Views

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Restaurant - Views

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