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Sonali Gupta


The rebel act by craft, CRAFT + FUTURE = REBEL

Name of the Project: ATMA 2.0
Function: Office space
Built in: 2021 - 2025 - 2030 - 2035 - 2040 - 2050
Site: Ahmedabad Textile Millowner's Association
Location: Ahmedabad
Idea of Speculative Future: Mass produced standardized spaces

A world is visualized where the human population is hypnotized by the standardization of machine and factory made will rule. Loss of identity and character from both infrastructures and the humans  accommodating them will prevail. Hence, a revolutionary, rebellious and radical design movement will be the need of the hour, in order to reset the lost balance. A design movement which will remind people about the value of handmade and humanism using craft as a tool. Craft used in extreme and sheer contrast to its machine made context such that its presence, impact and significance doesn’t go unnoticed. Also making two things which are extremely bipolar in nature come together and co-exist. Just like how a parasite lives, craft will live over the machine made’s perks slowly taking over the factory made and shine in its full glory, giving the ultimate fulfilment achieved via handmade.  


Report Content

Research and concept development

Element Design


Site of Execution , ATMA, year 2021

ATMA, year 2025

ATMA, year 2030

ATMA, year 2035

ATMA, year 2040

ATMA, year 2050

ATMA, year 2050

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