Yanshie Shreyans Shah


A Mellow Amidst the Green

Taking inspiration from the book 'Poetics Of Space' by Gaston Bachelard this project has been laid in the forests near Costa Rica. It chases the oneiric feeling of translucency and living inside a soft weaved realm. The dwelling surfaces are finely woven out of silk threads and are tied to the branches of the huge banyan trees. The dwelling is surrounded by numerous vines which are a major part of the dwelling and  seasonal changes in the topography have lead to the development of the dwelling in various aspects.

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Significance Of A Hut

Anthology Of Elements 1

Anthology Of Elements 2

Animal Architecture: Tropical Jungles

Chasing the Oneiric Feeling: Metaphor Making

Chasing the Oneiric Feeling: Collages

Poetic Rituals

Dialectics of Inside and Outside

Making Of An Oneiric Home: Graphic Novel 1

Making Of An Oneiric Home: Graphic Novel 2

Project Video