Konkona Das


Nuances of Icescapes

The inferences of an 'idea of a home' from the book 'Poetics of Space' by Gaston Bachelard, have been translated into designing a dwelling that suits the topography of the Arctic landscape of Alaska. Inspiration from animals living in these terrains has been applied in the creation of the dwelling. The abode has been created inside a mountain glacier, made up of ice and rock. The cycle of seasons introduces new contours as the ice melts and freezes , thus, it harmonises with the dynamics of nature.

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Significance of Hut

Anthology of Elements : Part 1

Anthology of Elements : Part 2

Animal Architecture : Frozen Winter Lands

Chasing the Oneiric Feeling : Metaphor Making

Chasing the Oneiric Feeling : Collages

Poetic Rituals

Dialectics of Inside and Outside

Making of an Oneiric Home : Part 1

Making of an Oneiric Home : Part 2

Project Video