Miti Shah


Sanctum in the Seas

Implying the learnings from the book 'Poetics of Spaces' by Gaston Bachelard, this projects aims to create a dwelling in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. This oneiric home has been built, taking into account all the elements in that topography. The oneiric feeling that the artist is chasing in creating a dream home is feeling weightless mentally and being connected with the surrounding oceanic world. Becoming a part of the ocean as living in a translucent structure built by the natural material found in the ocean.

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Significance of the Hut

Anthology of Elements. Part 1

Anthology of Elements. Part 2

Animal Architecture. The High Seas

Metaphor Making


Poetic Rituals

Dialectics of Inside and Outside

Making of an Oneiric Home. Part 1

Making of an Oneiric Home. Part 2

Project Video