Het Jay Desai


Rock-It! The leisure chair

Even in the smallest space, most people enjoy the motion. This project aims to design a fun and functional motion chair which is foldable, easy to carry around or hideaway while not in use. We often see people get so busy in life which gives them no time to relax. The product should allow people to relieve stress/relax in both indoor and outdoor spaces at various heights. Different heights play different impacts on people emotionally and physically. A person is a more relaxed while at a low height and more conscious while at a higher height. So, the intention is to provide the different heights which can create different impacts. Here is the link for the portfolio and animation.

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Report Content

Site Analysis

Case study and initial exploration

Scaled Prototypes

Scaled Prototypes

Understanding ergonomics and Aesthetics

Understanding Aesthetics and Working Drawing

Working Drawings

Working Drawings

Working Drawings

3d Renders

Project Video