Patel Ayushi Manishbhai



Sarana is a deployable system which can be used for creating spaces through the partition and mainly serves the purpose of shading element. This system can also be used as a partition for isolation spaces which serves the purpose of COVID. The concept was to design a system a space which provides shade for various activities taking place at different places such as open exhibition spaces, flea markets,etc. The site is centrally located in the college where most of the events take place. One of them is the exhibition which needs shading element kept for protection of models and sheets exhibited in the plaza. Intent is to create a deployable shading element which creates the volumes. For full portfolio Click here

Report Content

Site Analysis

Form explorations and Design Development

Scaled Prototypes

Kit of Parts

Joinery A & Joinery B

Joinery C & Joinery D

Joinery E & Joinery F

Joinery G & Joinery H

Close, Intermediate and Open position of a model

Contextual render

Project Video