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Insha Sharma


CELEBRATING WATER: A Sensory Experience Centre

Historically, the Adalaj Stepwell has been not just a place for storing water but a place for social activities centered around water. Extending this association of water with Adalaj, my proposal is to create a Sensory Experience Centre in celebration of water.
The idea is to create a space for sensory experiences using different forms of water. These forms have varying textures and intensities that arouse a range of emotions and touch various senses of the visitors.
It is a Multi-Sensory Journey that culminates with the visitors feeling refreshed and taking back the energy and childlike fun associated with water.
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Report Content

Systems Thinking

Concept and Program

Zone 1: Entrance (Still water and Reflection)

Zone 2: Ripple and Dynamism

Zone 3: Rainfall and Nostalgia

Zone 4: Cascading water and Illusion

Zone 5: River as a Sculptor

Zone 6: Waterfall and Life

Zone 7: Exit (Playfulness and Excitement)

Design Proposal

Project Video