Khyati Mehta


ELEVATE TEXTILE - the natural dyes

There are three basic needs that a man possesses food, clothing, and shelter. The global textile and clothing industry is bound to be huge, as it fulfills the second basic requirement of man. Everybody wants to strike an impression with different and fashionable clothes. But the sad fact is that the human greed to look appealing and wear glamorous clothes has ended up causing harm to the environment. The textile industry is one of the most pollutants releasing industries of the world. Besides, 20 percent of all fresh water pollution is made by textile treatment and dyeing. Pollutants released by the global textile industry are doing unimaginable harm to the environment and water. Textile manufacturing units release chemical waste into nearby water body. As Ahmedabad have huge clothing industry, some area like Narol and Vatva have huge problems due to split chemical dyes into canals. Elevate textile is a space, which give awareness to people about using natural dyes and use more responsibly source fabrics. Aim to organize different workshops and exhibition is to make it a habit rather than just a one time activity for visitor to make a shift from readymade chemically dyed garments into natural dyed homemade cloths. The growing need to be eco friendly and doing this that do not harm the water and environment is the foremost reason to proposing this program.

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