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  • Odyssey of Ebru Art- Healing through art on water

Soumya Haritay


Odyssey of Ebru Art- Healing through art on water

A space that  is an experiential journey of ebru art(Ebru art is ancient aqueous art of marbling performed on the water surface which has a soul-soothing ability and therapeutic essence) into a subterranean structure such that of the magnificent Adalaj Stepwell. It is a space for social interaction and togetherness, congregation, self-exploration, and self-expression. It would be a place for exploring oneself through art on water and an abode for healing the mind and soul. It is a journey of emotions felt through the transition of spaces through Ebru art experiential space , workshops, souvenir shop and exhibition spaces. Using water as a medium to express different emotions and distress oneself. It would be a place for refreshment, relaxation, and revitalization of oneself where one can detox all the negativity and rejuvenate the positivity within oneself. It would space for creating awareness about the importance of water for nourishment, water conservation, recycling water, and other social issues through art on water(Ebru art shows). It would like Kalpavriksha of healing through art.

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Report Content

Mind mapping of Water and Adalaj Step well and Scenarios

Use User Integration and Program Formulation

Site Plan and Section defining the different spatial zones

Zone 1 - Ebru art Experiential Space ( Entrance Detail)

Zone 2 - Ebru Experiential Space ( Journey from dance of colours creating patterns)

Zone 3 - Ebru Experiential Space

Zone 4 - Ebru Experiential Space ( Ebru Art Shows and 3 Dimensional Ebru Space)

ZONE 5 - Souvenir Shop and Exhibition Space

Zone 6 - Ebru Artist's Studio and Group Workshops (Ebru on Fabrics)

Zone 7 - Healing through art and Space for Self Expression ( Ebru Art Workshop and Exhibition Space)

Project Video