Somya Gupta


Submerge - In Tales of Water

‘Submerge’ is conceptualized as a space that encapsulates the subterranean majesty of the ‘Adalaj stepwell’ and directs it into the storytelling of the water. Adalaj is a well-known stepwell and it is known for not just its scale and beauty but also for various tales that are associated with it. So to celebrate various stories across different cultures and traditions space is thought to be a home for stories of water. 
This storytelling space is conceptualized to have experiences of different water forms. The journey of the visitor starts with the experience of witnessing a rainfall. The first zone is an interactive area where people come, gather around the rain, and interact with space. Then as they proceed to the second zone, they experience the ripple that is usually caused by rain along with the audiovisual stories. The ripple leads to the waves in the third zone in which stories can be heard like an oral storytelling tradition that takes the visitor to the most engaging part of the journey which is a whirlpool in which they are engaged to see the stories in forms of stills.

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Report Content

Creating site scenarios after brainstorming on a random checklist of stepwell and water.

Program Brief after integrating the use and user layer

Concept defined on the basis of the journey of the visitor.

Thresholds and pause points

Design : Zone 1 Rain, Social Storytelling Zone

Design : Zone 1 Rain

Design : Zone 2 Ripples, an Audio Visual Storytelling Zone

Design : Zone 3 Wave & Zone 4 Whirlpool

Return Journey Experience

Element Details