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Krishi Ojaskumar Jhaveri


Kaagaz : A Plantable Handmade Paper Making Company.

Everyday, thousands of papers, especially the newspapers end up being a waste lying around as pieces on roads or as a plates to eat in a local vendor’s shop or as a wrapping material for fruits and vegetables. But, what after that? That’s where Kaagaz comes in. Kaagaz is a workshop based experience center which makes its users go through the process of making a handmade paper by reusing the waste newspapers or any other type of paper. This way it makes the user aware of the time and effort which goes into making a single sheet of paper.

But you might ask, what if the handmade paper goes to waste when not in use anymore? Well, Kaagaz helps you make a plantable handmade paper (with seeds in the pulp of the paper itself). This way, even when the handmade paper is not in use anymore, you can just plant it and cherish the whole experience of making your own paper by looking at the plant grow.

“From the nature, to the nature” is thus the core objective of the brand.Click here for working drawing portfolio

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