Mehta Rajkumar Haridwar


KhEl: Traditional game Experience center

Khel is an Experience center in Ahmedabad in Mondeal square. This center specifically invites the current generation of people, who forgot to play in the playground, instead stuck on the screens. This center welcomes enthusiastic people who keen to know about the traditional games and wanted to play to experience once again.As the traditional games are easy to understand and easy to play, this center also follows simplicity & minimal designs. Material and colors used in a manner which makes the people attract and make them playful.

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Report Content

Program development and site introduction..

Concept idea to develop the Spatial layout ..

Services and Flooring layout governing the spatial experience of the space..

Sections showing interiors connections..

Partition design in the entrance

Part space detailed a mini theater..

Table design to play..

Purpose and activities of the spaces.

Illustration representing the spatial elements & Interiors..

game over....

Project Video