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Maitreyi Sudhirbhai Popat


MAKE AND LEARN- Chocolate Experience center

Why to go at different places for playing games, eating, learning if it is at one place? Travel through the ages to know the history of chocolate. It is offering in-mouth experience that can be enhanced in the center. Even it offers to go beyond the chocolate bar by making own kind of chocolate. Flooring material to furniture material everything will give the essence of chocolate. Just dwell at the center to get loaded with tempting sweetness which can be indulged in many different variations. For additional work view https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YThLYkH6b6QWLKbkDj9_vE5ufODXC1Oc

Report Content

Conceptual sheet

Layout iterations and Material palette

Ground Floor Layout

First floor Layout

Flooring and Reflected Ceiling plan

Internal elevations

Stationary Storage

Specific Storage

Partition and Seating

Rendered views

Project Video