Raksha Nitinkumar Patel


Tranquil Canister

The project site is located in an important part of the city, Navrangpura, with CG road and Ashram Road in the neighbor. Sitting within a crowded and loud adjacency, the site gives a feeling of respite and repose. To retain the quietness of the site, and giving a break, a resting space for the people around. Expressed through a sequence of zones, space invites to retreat from the vibrant activity of the outside city life. Tranquil Canister in an intriguing structure plugged into the navrangpura bus stop is a part of the civic center proposed by AMC. The program aims to reconnect people, physically in these times of the digital world. It creates a place for the immediate neighborhood, from children to seniors to rest, recreate and react. In addition to that, the area has a working-class audience who usually eats their lunch in the tiny workspace of theirs. This project provides them a more informal and relaxing space to have lunch at and relax. The resultant form is deliberately ambiguous, with echoes of an architectural ruin, a walled place to respite between the crowded city. This uncertainty allows users to bring their interpretation and meaning to it, stirring memories of place out with the constraints of an open place and connecting them into a calming landscape. Along with this, there is a permanent exhibition which talks about the past, present, and future of Ahmedabad. It provides a space for discussion, between the authorities and the user about the upcoming project. A gallery space is provided for the artists, designers, and enthusiasts, and learners to showcase their work to the city. 
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