Anisha Samal


Cafe on Wheels

Cafe on wheels is a retail food and beverage outlet in motion, providing service based on location and time duration at different times of the day. A fixed menu would be provided with a limited range of varieties in food and beverages. The location of the moving outlet(s) and the menu can be accessed through a downloadable app, which can help with ease of service provided by the retail brand. - At one go it can serve about 20 people, so it can serve around 150 people per day. - Operated by a single person, therefore everything works by the app and online transaction.- It can travel to different parts of the city, outskirts, whenever it want to. 

Report Content

Brief, Case Study and Inferences

Ideations and Explorations, Conceptual Sketches

Conceptual sketches, Development of Ideas

Different Layouts, 3D Views

Final Layouts, 3D Views

Exploded View of Caravan

3D Views of Caravan

Orthographic Drawings of Caravan and Kitchen Counter

3D Views of Kitchen Counter

3D Views and Orthographic Drawings of Storage Unit with Bed and Refrigeration Area