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Suthar Dhavlesh Girishkumar


Ceiling Lighting System (Light Fixture & Ceiling Panel)

An innovative Smart, Wireless, Flexible, Efficient and automatic ceiling lighting system. 
This user friendly product has choice to the users about different theme, color variants, finishes, Inbuilt advance technology and it is with cost effectiveness.

The purpose was to design a ceiling lighting system for Interior building space which can be easy to install/be repaired when needed, compact design and aesthetically good look.

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Report Content

Information about Research, Scenarios, Existing System Study & User Expectations.

Details about Parallel Product Study, Concept Evolution, Models and User Feedback.

Form & Designs + Technical Drawings + Ceiling Lighting System CAD Models + CMF

Ceiling Panel and Light Fixture Details.

About Manufacturing Process (Mould making, Vacuum Forming), Material Study, Cost & Weight analysis.

Final Product

Contextual Render: Exhibition Space

Brochure Spread 1

Brochure Spread 2

Brochure Mock-up

Project Video