Sanghvi Heer Mahesh


The Quadrangular Library

The design for the Quadrangular Library intends to create an organizational structure following a matrix of concepts and spaces. Abstracting the structural organization from the first planned city of India - Jaipur, the design coordinates with the structure and displays cultural/ historical/ political/ scientific vibrancy of the city to the visitors via the traditional form of theatre and storytelling - puppetry. The city Jaipur is selected to host the library because of its rich cultural vibrancy and historical connect with the art form puppetry. The entire space has been created using the modulative quality of the grid and by adding the play of volumes, light and levels.

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Report Content

Introduction to the City and Art Form

Case Study

Concept Development and Volumetric Explorations

Grid and Spaces Exploration and Design Evolution

Program and Site Plan

Making Workshop and Intermediate Movement Spaces

Ground and First Floor Plans

Second Floor and Roof Plans


Exploded Isometric View, Elevation and Perspective Views

Project Video