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Sawant Rutuja Hemant Kshama


BUILDING OPACITY - Headquarter for Furniture Brand

The designed office headquarter is for a Furniture Brand (Polycarbonate Furniture) which is a communicative outcome of an in-depth analytic process of material and its materiality expressions. The foundation process was started by analysis of a Monobloc Plastic Chair as an object of study in beyond the obvious manner keeping the material and its materiality at most importance. The three highlighting materiality expressions- Visual Lightness, Smoothness and Geometry were selected that governed and channelized the further process study and final design outcome. The materiality concept -BUILDING OPACITY was derived for the headquarter design which was accomplished by creating a complimentary contrast (Opaque –Transparent) between the site and intervention by modulating Translucent materials to define spaces against the solid homogeneous materiality of site . The three materiality expressions (Visual Lightness, Geometry and Smoothness) are augmented by materiality learning outcomes such as material attributes, creating modules, organization of materials, level of opacity and transparency, dimensionality of materials to govern formability and colors. Consideration for material selection and technique reflects the company’s ideology of Industrial Design aspect (i.e. use of Mass Produced Elements) for creating customized functional aesthetic for the interiors of the headquarter space.  

Report Content

Understanding Materiality of an Object

Materiality & Expressions of a Space-Materiality Matrix

Materiality & Expressions of a Space- Change in Perception _01

Materiality & Expressions of a Space- Change in Perception_02

Concept of Materiality

Interior Drawings- Plan and Views

Interior Drawings- Isometric View

Interior Drawings- Section and Views

Interior Detail Drawings- Exploded Isometric View

Interior Detail Drawings- Elements