Ishita Sahai



How does material create space? The idea is to explore the various forms of a single material, through its forms and how it helps in creating a visual language for space. The explorations of its forms helped in designing the elements of the space in the given site. The formability of the material evokes the sense of continuous movement (The headquarter is designed for the product “Electric Hand stirrer: which runs on the same principle). Uniformity in the space is achieved through a monochromatic scheme of the space, by exploring similar finishes on various surfaces which makes the surface reflective and adds luster to space. The scale of the site helps in curating the movement between the spaces, generating a continuity in elements and how the viewer perceives various elements of the space, at a single glance. The curvature of the elements increases the level of intimacy as we move through the site, from open spaces to more private conversation areas.

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Beyond the obvious

Materiality Matrix

Expression through Multiple materials

Expression through Single material

Concept and Design Development

Interior Drawings

Interior Drawings

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